2016 OCC Award Winners Details Announced

2016 OCC Award Winners Details Announced

The Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) every year acknowledges the efforts and achievements made by the blue water sailors. They make these sailors very special by bringing them before the eyes of the sailing community.

Commodore Anne Hammick heaped praises of the blue water sailors and said that they are sailing members who are not sailing for winning any award. They love sailing and are passionate about long distance cruising and enjoy the adventure that they have at the sea. The OCC is happy to acknowledge the efforts of these long distance sailor members.

The 2016 OCC Seamanship Award went to Gavin Reid. He is the skipper of the Mission Performance during the 2015-16 Clipper Round the World Race. He was instrumental in dealing with all difficult conditions, swimming to M3, responding to the distress call, climb the mast in order to free a crew member who was held there for about 9 hours.

Canadian Victor Weier won the OCC Award of Merit award, and a week’s Yacht Charter in Croatia courtesy of plainsailing.com. He was recognized for his timely, outstanding and unselfish service and advice he gave to the international Arctic sailors. This award is open to both members and non-members and the only criterion to win this award is for the sailors to have made an outstanding achievement during their voyage. He was responsible for the success and safety enjoyed by many of the people traversing the Northwest Passage.

The Geoff Pack Memorial Trophy is awarded to a member or a non-member who has encouraged ocean cruising in yachts or in small crafts through his writing in the print or online media. The 2016 Geoff Pack Memorial Trophy went to Sue Richards and the Noonsite Team that includes Noah, Val, and Jeremy.

There were two regional awards given for recognizing members of North America and Australia. The Australian Trophy went to Bill Hatfield s/v Katherine Anne and the Vertue Award – Scott & Kitty Kuhner s/v Tamure.

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