2020 Olympics Will See Tough Competition: Bach

2020 Olympics Will See Tough Competition: Bach

Thomas Bach is the International Olympic Committee President. He and his team are all doing all the necessary work to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics a grand success. Bach was at the 2018 Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus on Sunday to witness the races.

Thomas said that he feels that there would be tight competition in the sailing event at the 2020 Enoshima Games. He feels that the technology that will be available at the Tokyo games will help in making the sailing event very popular all over the globe. There is no doubt that sailing is a fascinating sport and many will start to take up sailing after watching the world teams battle it out in Tokyo.

This will be the first time that a new technology will be introduced in Tokyo in the sailing event where one can closely follow the race and even better than ever. He says that he does not have any worries about the organization as he feels that the Japanese will put up a grand show. He is very happy to see the sailing competitions, getting tougher and tougher and this will help in adding a competitive spirit to the sailing events at the Tokyo games.

Bach says that sailing is facing the same challenges that the other world sports are facing. The main challenge is to attract the youth towards the sport. It is also very important that each and every regatta is made understandable to the common man. They need to offer a very good experience to the spectators. There needs to be more and more classes included in the regatta.

Bach is happy that the President of World Sailing, Kim Andersen, is dedicated and committed to developing sailing worldwide. He has started a lot of initiatives to improve the technology and the competition format.

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