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US Sailing Gets New Office ?>

US Sailing Gets New Office

The national governing body for sailing activities in the US is US Sailing.

The organization has taken up a new facility in Bristol of RI and here Jack Gierhart oversees the activities of the organization as the Chief Executive Officer.

One could begin to recount the history of the US Sailing’s offices as has been over the years. The initial office had been at 44th Street, which was the home of the New York Yacht Club based in Manhattan. The office then moved to Goat Island, which could only hold about two or three people. The growth of the organization, then led the office to move to Portsmouth. This has been the location of the office for the last two decades. The office space was enough and there was flexibility to increase space if required. However the layout of the space consisted of hallways and small offices and hence collaboration was difficult.

With several volunteer committees that do most of the activities for the organization, the structure of work demanded that the volunteers could be given more time and the administrative staff could take over the more tedious tasks from them. (more…)

Team New Zealand Will Win, Says Former Oracle Boss ?>

Team New Zealand Will Win, Says Former Oracle Boss

Tom Ehman, the former boss of the Oracle team, feels that the Emirates Team New Zealand is the team that is going to take the 35th edition of the America’s Cup.

He feels that the Oracle Team USA does not have a chance of making such a stupendous comeback in the last part of the race to win the title. He is of the opinion that the Auld Mug is slowly slipping away from Team USA’s hands.

There is no doubt that Russell Coutts is having a close eye over the American boys and doing every bit in order to save Auld Mug. But, Team New Zealand is quite superior and there is every chance for them to lift the cup with a thumping victory. Ehman has over 35 years of involvement with the America’s Cup in various capacities. (more…)

Boats Powered By Human Energy ?>

Boats Powered By Human Energy

The America’s Cup is deemed to be the oldest trophy tournament at international levels when it comes to sailing.

This competition will have six teams fighting it out at Great Sound region of Bermuda for a trophy that is deemed a hard and challenging victory. For those who have followed the 2015 tournament will know that teams have battled it out for the 34th series that had the last round in the chilling waters of Fukuoka in Japan in the month of November. The British team led by Sir Ben Ainslie took the trophy that was a monumental win for Britain.

The highlight of the series is the catamarans that are used to sail. Swift vessels that have a majestic foiling design; these are fast vessels that make competition fierce and close. Indeed, the 34th edition saw many near calamities happen and several teams had to get their boats repaired or face penalties. (more…)

Vendee Globe Race Update ?>

Vendee Globe Race Update

The Vendee Globe race being a solo sailing race around the world, there are several incidents that keep occurring.

For instance, on December 18th Thomas Ruyant realized that his boat had collided with a shipping container. It had nearly broken his boat into two and he had been managing to stay afloat when two technicians came aboard this morning with a pump to help clear out the water and get the boat in sailing condition. The IMOCA boat that Thomas was sailing had become flooded on the bow section and this was making the boat go out of control. Several uncertain hours were spent by Thomas as he fought to keep his boat under control. The steerage was not easy in the big seas and with winds that buffeted his boat at speeds around 55 knots. (more…)