Gun Runner Is A Smallest, But Hold Huge Potential: Sydney Hobart Race

Gun Runner Is A Smallest, But Hold Huge Potential: Sydney Hobart Race

In 2018 fleet of Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, She has come in the smallest boat and her budget is also the smallest, but according to Reece Young, Gun Runner skipper, they have good potential and has lots of things to offer in Australian Cruising Yacht Club 628 nautical mile race.

The length of Gun Runner is 9.2 metre and it has the crew of six members. The annual budget of a vessel is $4,000. Till the start of a race that is December 26 it is the smallest yacht. Though this yacht seems small, but it has been sailed by 200 soldiers during the year. The yacht is a well-used one and it has a big heart to accommodate as many guests as possible.

The skipper of yacht shared details of its budget and said “The budget of the yacht has been stretched a long way and the big part of its budget has gone in preparing it for Sydney Gold Coast race. Another portion of the budget has been utilized by other events.” Young said about the vessel, it has been used by army principally to teach the values of courage, teamwork, respect and initiative. The army also uses Elliotts and Tasers for racing as well as training.

“In the normal situation, Sydney Hobart could be complicated as getting a team together at one place and making them work as is not easy. But, these are characteristics that are imbued in soldiers from the beginning, therefore, they know how to work under duress, how to respond to directions as well as to offer suggestions.  The team put all its effort together just to ensure no one gets special privilege here and everyone remains the part of a team.

“It took five days to get to Hobart on such small boat. It is tough to handle such boat. But, we are keen on showing our performance here.”

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